Keep Your Smartphone & Tablets Clean With These 5 Quick Tips

March 23, 2020

Staying safe from coronavirus means regularly cleaning your smartphone.

Think about it – you touch your smartphone more than any other individual thing. Sneezing into your hand, then texting a friend before you wash your hands creates a massive bacteria trap. You can protect yourself from coronavirus and other pathogens by regularly cleaning your phone.

Cleaning Accessories

You will need a few tools to keep your smartphone clean. An alcohol-based cleaner and a microfiber cloth are all that is needed. You can be even more thorough with a UV bath for your smartphone using a special machine.

Along with washing your hands several times a day, you should always clean your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. When you wipe down a smartphone or tablet, clean the whole device, not just the screen.

An alcohol-based solution of at least 70% provides the best protection. You can buy alcohol wipes to keep your device clean, but these may be prohibitively expensive. Just keep a microfiber cloth and alcohol solution close and swab down your smartphone regularly.

Device-Cleaning Tips

Always clean your smartphone or tablet after someone else uses it. Even if you just hand them the phone briefly to show them a picture, wipe it down. Other devices that should be wiped down include keyboards, printers, and monitors.

Make sure you frequently wash the cloth you use to keep your smartphone clean, too. You can snag a pack of microfiber cleaning cloths on Amazon to keep them handy. You should clean the whole device, not just the screen. That includes taking the smartphone out of its case to wipe it down.


* Use lint-free cloths made from microfiber

* Use two cloths, one for moist wiping and one for drying

* Avoid liquid getting into the smartphone or tablet

* Clean your device regularly after use

* Wash the cloth used to clean your smartphone


* Never hold your smartphone under the tap

* Never use soap or other detergents and chemicals

* Try not to rub too hard on the screen when cleaning it

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