The Next iPhone Will Be Cheaper and other 2019 Predictions

February 04, 2019

Has the Apple tax gone too far? The consensus in the tech world is an emphatic yes. The iPhone XS starts at $999 for a base model, placing the phone firmly out of reach for many users who like to upgrade frequently.

Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged as much when he sent an open letter to investors revising the company's revenue predictions for Q1. In that letter, Cook said the company faced challenges in emerging markets. China's growth has decelerated among stiff competition from local companies like Huawei and Xiaomi.

Cook says he believes customers are replacing their existing iPhone batteries, factoring into the lack of sales for the new iPhone. He stopped short of directly blaming the new price of the iPhone, but it isn't hard to see the writing on the wall here. People just aren't willing to fork over $1,000 a year for the base model of a device with minimal upgrades.

The iPhone 2019 is looking to be much the same. Rumors suggest an updated version of the iPhone XR is on the way. The new iPhone will have three cameras on the back, which will serve to transition the company towards its focus on augmented reality technology.

iPhone 2020: Worth It?

One of the most common criticisms of the iPhone XS is that for the price, it is not enough of an upgrade from the iPhone X. Apple looks to be changing that with the upcoming iPhone by focusing on augmented reality as its hot new feature.

That rumor comes from Bloomberg reporters Mark Gurman and Debby Wu. These two reporters have an accurate history of predicting Apple's movements with its smartphone line, making this an interesting development for 2020. Augmented reality was supposed to be the big feature of the 2019 iPhone, but sources say Apple decided to delay that focus for another year.

The current generation of iPhones features an array of cameras that can be used to 3D map the face, but these new cameras would be rear-facing. The 3D rear-cameras are capable of scanning the environment to create a reconstruction of the real world. People familiar with the technology says it works up to about 15 feet.

That's much more powerful than the current 3D camera system featured on the front of current iPhones. A new method of lasers is used for scanning rather than the short-ranged dot-projection technology on the current front-facing cameras.

Bloomberg's anonymous sources also confirmed that the new cameras are capable of more accurate depth perception and virtual object placement. The depth of photos can be better captured using the new camera and laser sensors in the device.

What To Upgrade?

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