Will Your Samsung Smartphone Get the Android Pie Update?

December 28, 2018

Samsung has been notoriously slow about getting their vast catalog of devices updated to the latest version of Android after release.

European Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners just recently received the Android Pie update over Christmas. Now Samsung has shared its update schedule in the Samsung Members app for other device owners.

Android Pie will be coming to several devices over 2019. The roadmap mentions several popular devices like the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, as well as mid-range handsets.

Samsung Smartphones Receiving Android Pie

* Galaxy S9

* Galaxy S9+

* Galaxy S8

* Galaxy S8+

* Galaxy Note 8

* Galaxy A8

* Galaxy A8+

* Galaxy A7

* Galaxy A9

* Galaxy J3

* Galaxy J4

* Galaxy J4+

* Galaxy J6

* Galaxy J6+

* Galaxy J7

* Galaxy J7 Duo

* Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

* Galaxy Tab A 2017

* Galaxy Tab Active2

* Galaxy Tab S4

Two notable devices missing from the list are the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. These two devices have already received major Android OS updates, with Android Oreo being the last supported update.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Pie update will roll out globally in January. Some unlocked European handsets received the update this month, so it's likely this date refers to carrier-locked devices. The Galaxy S8 range of devices will receive the update in March 2019.

Samsung Galaxy J series devices will begin receiving the update in May 2017 through August 2019.

Samsung tablet owners will have the longest wait for Android Pie on their devices. The release schedule says the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 will be the first tablet to receive the Pie update in September 2019. The Galaxy Tab A series will start receiving the update in October 2019.

Samsung remains committed to providing monthly updates for their massive list of smartphones. However, timely updates for their flagship devices remains elusive for the South Korean company.

That's unfortunate when other manufacturers can update their devices promptly. Google's Pixel series are the first Android handsets to receive an OS update once it is released. Nokia and OnePlus have a good track record of providing updates in a timely fashion for their devices, too.

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