Bendgate Returns - The iPad Pro Is Bent Out of the Box

December 21, 2018

Apple's latest iPad Pro design is unique for the tablet, but it may have a structural problem. Several people who have received their new device have reported unboxing it only to see a slight bend in the device.

Apple has acknowledged the issue but says it should be expected. The company says the slight bend is a normal side effect of the manufacturing process that shouldn't worsen over time.

Apple is familiar with structurally unsound phones. Back when the iPhone 6 was released, numerous YouTubers and reviewers pointed out how easy it was to bend the phone in half.

Apple didn't reinforce the middle of the device around the microSIM tray, resulting in a weak point. Many iPad Pro owners fear that the same thing could happen with their brand new $1,800 device, prompting concerns about another #Bendgate.

#Bendgate Returns

Apple does not consider the bend to be a defect and says it is the result of the cooling process after machining the metal for an iPad Pro.

Both new sizes of the iPad Pro can exhibit a slight bend. The 11-inch device starts at $799, while a fully-loaded 12.9-inch device costs $1,899.

The problem appears to be pretty widespread. Several people have posted online showing the picture of their device with a small curve or bend. Some have even reported seeing the bend in the iPad Pro straight out of the box. Despite that, Apple still doesn't consider it a product defect.

After some research, The Verge says the issue seems to appear more often in the LTE model than the WiFi-only model. There's a plastic strip breaking up the flat aluminum sides of this model for the antenna lines. Several people have noted the bend appears along this area.

The flaw can also appear in the WiFi-only model, though it seems to be rare from reports online. Anyone who just purchased their device and is within the 14-day return window can handily exchange it for a new device at an Apple Store. Apple has not addressed whether returns will be accepted for bent iPad Pro devices outside of that return window.

Some reports indicate that Apple Store employees are filing it as accidental damage and will require an AppleCare+ claim, however. For those who purchased a bent iPad Pro out of the box, that shouldn't be the case.

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