iPhone 2019 Rumors: Next iPhone Will Feature Touch-Integrated OLED Panels

December 13, 2018

According to a new report from supply chain partners, Apple may be going a new direction with its upcoming 2019 iPhone model. The report says Apple will be using touch-integrated flexible OLED panels that differ from the current screens. The current iPhone screen is made up of two separate components. There is a touch-sensitive layer called the digitizer that sits on top of the display itself.

Thinner and Lighter

A touch-integrated OLED screen means the device can be thinner and lighter since multiple layers are merged. A report from the South Korean site ETNews says the technology has been branded as Y-Octa and Samsung Display produces it. The new Y-Octa OLED will be the first time Apple has experimented with touch-integrated displays on its iPhone series. Industry sources say Apple commissioned Samsung Display to develop parts and materials for these new displays. Industry insiders believe the new technology will be ready to go as early as next year. Initial supply for the new screens may be constrained, suggesting the new screen will be featured in the high-end iPhone only. Analysts believe that touch-integrated displays will soon be cheaper than creating a separate digitizer layer and may appear on mid-range phones in a few years. Sources say that Samsung presented the idea to Apple back in March as a way of keeping Apple interested in its OLED displays. Apple has been working on bringing on LG as a second partner for supplying OLED screens.

More Screen Sizes?

Analysts believe that Apple is looking to make next year's iPhone lineup as enticing as possible. iPhones with screen sizes in 5.8-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.5-inches will headline the 2019 lineup.

Rumored Internals

It's still too early to call what could happen with the processor inside the next iPhone, but analysts believe the A13 processor will make an appearance. Improved Face ID sensors and extra cameras on the front and back of the device have also been rumored. With the renewed focus on the Apple Pencil for the iPad, some analysts believe that the next iPhone may feature support for the device.

Should You Wait To Upgrade?

If you have a recent device like the iPhone XS or the XR, you probably won't see much of an upgrade regarding the design of the newest iPhone. For people who are still rocking devices like the iPhone 7, the next iPhone will be a significant upgrade. If you're ready to upgrade your smartphone to something new, remember you can always trade your old device to Gadget Traders. We'll offer you an estimated value based on the type of device and its condition.

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